• Precipitation Static on Aircraft and EMC
  • Lightning Zoning
  • Lightning Direct Effects
  • Lightning Physical Effects and Observation
  • Lightning and Atmospheric Phenomenology
  • Fuel Tanks and Fuel Systems
  • Lightning Protection of Materials, Devices, and Systems
  • Lightning Induced Effects
  • Electrostatics
  • Lightning Standards and Safety
  • Wind Turbines, Photovoltaic Systems, and Other Electric Power Systems
  • Automobile, Train, and Other Vehicles
  • Spacecraft and Launch Complex
  • Numerical Modeling and Analysis
  • Lightning Damage Repair and Maintenance
  • Winter Lightning

Submission of Abstract and Final Paper

Please submit your abstract, not to exceed 400 words, by February 22, 2019.  Notification of abstract acceptance will be sent by February 28, 2019.  Your paper should be prepared according to the detailed instructions for authors for this conference (template provided) and should be submitted in PDF format.  The manuscript length should be 4 to 6 pages.  Author’s kits are available for download at this link.

Please submit your documents and refer all your questions to